Just a quick reminder about the animals during this time both indoor and outdoor and a few handy tips:
  • Animals have sensitive hearing, the loud bangs can actually be painful not to mention scary.
  • Flashing lights can cause distress
  • Walk dogs earlier in the day before firework events start and ait until they have finished before taking them for last walks of the day.
  • Make sure your pets are in the house before the fireworks start and that cat/dog flaps are closed so they cannot escape if distressed.
  • Make sure your dog has a tag on it's collar incase it does escape, ideally get your pet microchipped too so they are easily identified and ccan be returned.
  • Close windows, doors, draw curtains, put on TV or radio to disguise as much noise as possible.
  • Stay with your pet if possible but try not to react to the fireworks or their behaviour incase you upset them further.
  • Pheromone sprays and diffusers can be purchased from your vet, this releases calming chemicals which are safe to pets.
  • Bring hutches or cages indoors or into a garage/shed for extra protection.
  • If you cannot move hutches/cages, partly cover with thick blakets/duvets. Leave some ventilation and try turning to face walls or fence.
  • Give extra bedding for your pet to burrow in.
  • Indoor pets such as hamsters may also benefit from closed windows, doors, drawn curtains and TV/radios being switched on.

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