Updates and success stories

This section is for us to add updates from fosterers or families who have adopted cats from us and let you know how they are getting on, how they have settled in thier new homes, progression reports and how they have grown - especially the kittens. We welcome all families and fosterers to contact us with reports/updates and pictures.
A quick update on Dee and her kittens - many thanks to all those who have contacted us and enquired about adopting these lovely kittens and even Dee herself. Reservations have been placed on the specified kittens and mum, leaving one long haired boy to be reserved.
For those of you who have made reservations, please could you use our 'Contact Us' form to confirm the reservations and send me your address and contact details.  Thanks again.


Meet Milli !  She was found abandoned on the doorstep of our local vet along with her 2 brothers when they were only about 9 weeks old.  She has the most gorgeous markings, stripes, spots, ginger, tabby, torti, you name it, she has it !
Milli is now enjoying her new life in Abergele with a wonderful family.  Can you tell she is happy as larry??

Colin (formerly Coley)

Coley (now known as Colin !! )  joined us in April with his son Thumper.  Unfortunatly Thumper contracted a urinary tract blockage and sadly passed away.  Colin needed cheering up and something to take his mind off  the loss of his son.  Along came a wonderful new home for him based on a gorgeous equine unit.  Colin, when he has got used to his new place will be able to roam fields, hunt in barns and stables and curl up either in a comfy bed in the tack room or in one of the stables with the horses.  Oh and of course he is being spoilt rotten!
 We would like to thank all those at the stables for giving Colin his lovely new home

Smudge & Jelly

Smudge and her kitten Jelly are now living it up in Wrexham.  Jelly was born in the rescue along with her brothers and sisters.  All are now in their new homes too (apart from Llew Bach who was tragically lost)  Looking to home one rescue cat, Smudge and Jelly's new family thought they would offer a wonderful new home to both instead. 
From the updates we know they are loving their new place and are being truely spoilt. Smudge spends her days sunbathing in the garden and comes in for her fuss in the evening. Not so little Jelly is so wanting to be out there with her, but will have that opportunity shortly as she is booked in for spaying (I did whisper that bit). Jelly has formed a wonderful bond with the youngest child of the family which is sooo sweet.

Thank you to Smudge's & Jelly's new family for taking them in to their lives


Tom (formerly Apollo)

Well I think his photo says it all!  Tom has settled in and really made himself at home with his new family.  He has been caught raiding the cupboards and even the fridge!! (we have seen the photographic evidence so no trying to deny it Tom!)  He has also decided that the dog needs bossing around. 

We would like to thank Tom's new family for taking him in to their household and for putting up with his cheeky chappy ways.