Any Breed Cat and Small Animal Rescue rely on foster carers to look after the animals who come into our care. We do not have a rescue centre. For this reason we are limited as to how many and what kind of small animals we can take into care. Foster spaces are taken in order of priority, obviously emergencies coming first where the animal may be in immediate or imminent danger, pregnant, injured etc.

This does not mean that we cannot help you rehome your pet if we have no foster space available. If it is possible for your pet to remain in your home for a little while whilst we can find his/her new forever home, then we will take on this responsibility - so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require our help and we can give you further details regarding this.

Any Breed Cat and Small Animal Rescue cater for TOY BREED dogs/pups, cats/kittens, ferrets, rabbits and rodents (guinea-pigs, hamsters, rats, mice etc).
We cannot cater for exotics or reptiles, however we may be able to put you in touch with people who are experienced in these fields and may know of someone who could help, so again, please contact us.


As well as microchipping our own rescue cats, we offer the microchipping service to the public. We are a able to chip dogs, rabbits, ferrets and small furries. The charge for this service is £12.50 per animal which includes lifetime cover with Petlog. There is a small discount available if there is more than one pet from the same household needing to be microchipped.

We will come to your home to carry out the microchipping. It is a very quick and painless procedure which is carried out by fully trained and qualified people who are also fully insured.

Microchipping your pet will give peace of mind should your pet go missing/stray, as any kennels, pounds, etc will be able to scan your pet once found and contact you to arrange collection. Microchipping is also a requirement of a pet passport should you want to take your pet abroad with you.The microchip is a quick, permanent and safe means of identification. The chip cannot be lost or altered and it cannot be felt by the owner or pet once in place.

Petlog is the leading National Database for pet identity registration.


Fostering can be a highly rewarding role especially when the fosterer sees the animal in their care move on to the loving home they so deserve.
There are unfortunate circumstances where a pet can no longer remain in it's own home and needs to be found a new home. Fosterers provide the time, home, love and care that the pets need whilst waiting for their forever home rather than being placed into catteries and kennels wich some pets can find quite stressful and upsetting.
Some pets may only need a short stay whilst others may have needs that mean they stay with the fosterer for a longer period of time, such as a pregnant animal.
We can never have enough fosterers, so if you feel you would like to help in this way, then please contact us.