Useful Information

This page is to give information in aiding you to help your new addition settle into their new home.

Owning and caring for a pet is great fun and very rewarding, but it is a big responsibility and a long term caring and financial commitment.
We require to do a homing visit to ensure that the information below is advised and can be discussed if you have any questions you may like to ask.
It is your responsibility to make sure that your pets needs are met, whatever the circumstances.

On completion of the homing visit, approval and payment of donation,  we will bring your  new addition to you to ensure he/she does not get too stressed with the change/new enviroment. This also gives further opportunity for you to ask any other questions you may need to ask or any advice regarding their needs.

You will need to watch your new addition closely for signs of stress, this can be licking fur till it falls out, messing instead of using the litter tray, upset tummys, etc. Moving to a new environment is very stressful for them and can take 6 weeks for them to settle properly. They need to get used to noise, smells, change in food and water, new faces etc. If after the settling in period symptoms of stress persist then please contact  us or in an emergency - your vet.

Every animal is different and as you get to know your new addition you will recognise familiar characteristics. It is important that you are able to notice any changes in behaviour, these might indicate that your pet is distressed, ill or is not having its needs met in some other way.
All  of our animals are vet checked, flead and wormed, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped. We will give you the information with your new addition so you are aware as to when the treaments will be required again.
All of our animals are microchipped with ABC and Small Animal Rescue as the contact details. If for whatever reason your new addition is either lost or stolen,t his will ensure your new addition comes back to our safe hands and we can contact you accordingly to make arrangements for collection.