Rainbow Bridge

A place to remember those who have crossed over at the bridge, our loved and close companions

Llew Bach  08/03/2010 - 01/06/2010

You are so loved and missed, forever in our hearts and minds.

Tragically taken away from us at an early age, you find yourself at the bridge which takes you to a new life full of happiness and free from pain. Cross over little lion and run free! You will never be forgotten x

Thumper  2008 - 03/08/2010

Such a gentleman tragically taken from us so very suddenly

Run free Thumper, find Llew Bach and create kitty havoc together.

You will always be in our hearts x

JAY - RIP my sweetheart xx

My little Jay x  He came to me from another rescue in September 09 and was desperately ill. Blood tests showed renal failure to the point the vets could not help any further.

Gorgeous, black long haired little man, was around 16 when he passed away. He had the most gentle expressions and showed you he loved you and appreciated you.
He would headbutt my face as he couldn't meow properly and try his best to purr.
He stayed with me until the difficult decision was made as his 'downhill' moments far outweighed his 'good moments'. I did not want him to start suffering. He was extremely thin, he stopped eating, yet he still looked at me with his devoted eyes.
I stroked him and kissed his head as he left for rainbow bridge. I miss him so much but know he is happy, well and enjoying life across the bridge. Bye bye little man xx    :*(