Anal Glands....yep, who remembers to check their dogs regularly and more to the point, who physically empties them?

This is something I tend to do when I groom my dogs as I'll do it when they are in the bath/shower (due to the smell obviously it can be washed away), but during the recent time I have been unavailable, I have forgotten to check my dogs  :(

Last night I had to make a trip to the vets with my smallest baby, one of her anal glands had become engorged and absessed - painful!!!!!  The poor thing had to endure the absessed gland being lanced so that the yukky fluid could be drained and flushed. She is now on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. A check up at the vets on Sunday to see how she is getting on and pay the bill.

On this occasion I have not been worried about the cost side of it as much as I feel so guilty that I have forgotten to check anal glands and my poor baby had ended up this way - GUTTED!

Please could I urge you all to check and empty your dogs glands, if you can't do this yourself then please ask a qualified groomer or your vet.
If you feel confident enough to try, check out this website for full instructions and info:


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